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2 years ago

Lock the Old DOORS and Unlock Smart Innovation with Polarion

Today’s product line engineering demands that you compete and capitalize on opportunities – you must be able to innovate at unprecedented speeds while improving quality and managing a complex lifecycle of compliance and regulatory standards.  You simply can not expect your system engineering teams to perform at this level using a point solution like DOORS designed before the browser was invented.


3 years ago

Can Polarion’s All-In-One Unified ALM Solution And Integrations Coexist?

Have you ever played “the telephone game”? The one where there’s a group of people, and somebody whispers a message to one person, who whispers it to another, and so on around to the last person. That last person invariably receives a different message than the first one, sometimes with a totally different meaning! When I was a child I looked forward to the final result because it was always funny. (more…)