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4 years ago

A Klocwork Polarion: Ultra-danger to source code bugs

Polarion plus Klocwork graphic


We’re very excited to announce yet another new Polarion extension… one that is extremely dangerous (to bugs in source code, that is!)

Polarion is now integrated with Klocwork Insight, the Source Code Analysis solution from Emenda.

The new Klocwork-Polarion plugin allows Klocwork Issues to be imported as Polarion Defect type Work Items. The defects can then be tracked and traced in Polarion and used to link to related Requirement Work Items, or become the subject of a Test Case Work Items. Full details available on the plug-in home page.

The Emanda Klocwork Plugin is a free extension, available now via our POP Extensions site:


4 years ago

Get a Load(ster) of this…

Its official: we have a new integration with our partner Loadster, who provides load & stress testing for performance and scalability requirements.

The new Loadster Connector for Polarion enables Loadster users to store and manage their load testing results in Polarion ALM and/or Polarion QA.

  • Load test your applications with Loadster.
  • Quickly export the test results to Polarion.
  • Link to test cases and requirements for full traceability.
  • Share test reports, pass/fail status… and more.

The connector is a free extension, built into Loadster Workbench 3.0.5 and higher. It works with Polarion version 2013.

Everything you need to get going with this great new extension is available on our Extensions site:


Loadster Connector for Polarion

4 years ago

Supporting our Avionics customers

While Polarion’s core product has all of the traceability, history, and granularity to comply with DO-178C, many of the reports and documents still needed to be created by hand to ensure compliance.

The release of our new DO-178C template ensures that we continue to provide our customers with yet more critical document templates and reports needed while still delivering the flexibility to customize Polarion QA solutions to fit any of your product design and development methodologies.

4 years ago

Congrats to our 1st POP Challenge Entry

Wow we are only one week into our POP Challenge 2013 and we already have an official entry

Thank you TechniSat……

4 years ago

POP Challenge 2013

It’s that time of year again, summer is just around the corner and we at Polarion our delighted to launch our annual POP Challenge.

This event is very exciting for me because I get to see how creative our community really is. It always surprises me by the quantity and quality of apps that are developed to enhance and improve the Polarion software product family.

This year we have a new exciting category for “commercial extensions”, for all the details please visit our contest page:

Let the challenge begin!

Regg Struyk – Polarion PM

4 years ago

Recap of StarEast 2013

This month, we attended StarEast in Orlando, Florida. It was two days of tech presentations and vendor exhibits for anyone involved with software testing. This was our second year attending as an exhibitor.

We invited one of our newest partners, Vector Software, to join us in our booth this year. This strategic partnership, which we announced at the end of April, allows VectorCAST to integrate with our ALM software via their Requirements Gateway product, VectorCAST/RGW.

In my humble opinion, this year’s event was a great success. We had a continuous flow of quality traffic, met some potential new partners, and had overwhelming response to our tech presentation 5 pains of a Test Manager and How to Overcome Them.”

It was great to meet some of our customers and partners who came by the booth, and special thanks to Patrick Quilmont from Quilmont LLC who was a regular visitor and kindly promoted our ALM solution to anyone who would listen.

Lastly, congratulations Ric Alves, who won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in our booth’s prize draw!

Let us know your thoughts on this year’s StarEast conference!

5 years ago

POP Challenge 2012- The results will soon be out

Wow! This year’s POP Challenge was a tremendous success with over 18 high quality submissions, which will make judging the winners exceedingly difficult.

Although someone will walk away with this year’s great prizes, the biggest winner is really the entire Polarion User Community, who benefit from the ongoing progress of and contributions to Polarion extensions.

We will be announcing the winners of our POP Challenge 2012 contest shortly. Winners will be notified on or before Wednesday September 15th via email or telephone.

Kudos and thanks to everyone who contributed an extension!

5 years ago

Great session on Practical Regulatory Compliant Software Testing (16 Aug)

Last Thursday, we held a webinar that featured three guest speakers and industry thought leaders.   Speakers Griffin Jones, Karen N. Johnson, and John McConda shared several of their own learning experiences and stories about testing and regulatory compliance.

The majority of the session consisted of a roundtable discussion around topics that included:

  • Pros and cons of pre-written test cases
  • Auditing- Waterfall vs. Agile
  • The difference between checking and testing

The event concluded with discussing where Polarion QA fits in and how it can help with your testing needs. What was also great about the session was that the group discussion extended to the audience.  The speakers spent a lot of time thoroughly addressing the questions that viewers asked and interacted with the audience throughout the entire event.

Highlights from the webinar:

  • Often we focus too much on auditors’ requirements and too little on testing the quality of products
  • It’s more important to test to make sure that the product will not harm or kill someone
  • Test automation needs to have an ROI to determine if it is cost effective, which does not necessarily always make sense
  • There is a significant difference between checking and testing, where testers typically know the difference but software vendors do not necessarily differentiate

Griffin Jones

  • “Auditors do not care about what process you use; their mandate is to make sure you have compliance.”
  • “When doing testing, balance can get out of whack by not being able to explain it well.”

Karen N. Johnson

  • “When testing a test script, all it does is prove that you executed the test script.”
  • “Focused on passing the audit rather than testing the product…”
  • “The problem with scripts is that scripts separate thinking from the testing.”

John McConda

  • “First, you need to think of an automation strategy without regulations to determine your return on investment.”

Couldn’t attend the event?  Or want to see it again?

You can watch the full recorded webinar on “Practical Regulatory Compliant Software Testing” anytime and at no cost!

5 years ago

Thursday’s (16 Aug) Upcoming Webinar: Practical Regulatory Compliant Software Testing – what to gain out of this?

1. The webinar is uniquely interactive

This free webinar session is both a prepared presentation and an open discussion. Join us for a group conversation about various success stories, failures, and general experiences on testing and regulatory compliance.

2. Professional speakers are sharing their expertise during the session


  • Regg Struyk, Product Manager for Polarion QA

Guest speakers and industry thought leaders

  • Griffin Jones, the owner of Congruent Compliance which provides consulting services on context-driven software testing and regulatory compliance to companies in regulated industries
  • Karen N. Johnson, a software test consultant who helps her clients build testing teams and strengthen their testing practice
  • John McConda, a career tester who consults for a high-profile US Government contract, providing training and strategy as well as getting his hands dirty with exploratory testing, automation, and performance

3. It’s not too late to register and attend

Thursday, 16. August 2012
09:00 am New York, 06:00 am San Francisco, 15:00 Berlin, Paris
60 minutes
At your computer.

Register today »

5 years ago

Announcing POP Challenge 2012

What a great start to The Polarion POP Challenge!

We already have 3 official and approved software apps/extensions submitted to this year’s contest.

Announcing the return of one of our most popular events: The Polarion POP Challenge contest, this year offering over $15 000 (US) in prizes and product licenses.

The contest is open to anyone interested in submitting a software app or extension that can be used by our 1 million+ user community. Should your POP extension be accepted, you will be eligible for a chance to win an Apple iPad for you, plus $10,000 worth of Polarion product licenses for your company as first prize. Second prize is an Apple iPod Touch for yourself plus $5,000 in Polarion product licenses for your company.


Up your chances with a Wish List extension!
We are interested in any type of extension that will benefit our user community. However, special consideration will be given to extensions that fulfill our wish list.

The Polarion POP Challenge is one contest where everybody wins. Every extension submitted and accepted will be published on the Polarion POP extensions portal, gaining instant recognition in the fast-growing Polarion Community. And the winning extension will be published and showcased on our web site and in our newsletter.

The Polarion 2012 POP Challenge is officially open. The clock is ticking down to the August 31, 2012 submission deadline, so don’t delay – get your Polarion extension in the running as soon as you can.

Thanks for your time. We’re looking forward to a super contest, and some great new POP extensions!

Best –