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5 years ago

Version 2012 Service Release 1 Available

Version 2012 – SR1 (Service Release 1) is now available for download on our website (see link below). The update is free to customers with a current maintenance subscription.

Several new features may be of interest to you:

  • Test Steps feature. When enabled (optional), then for manual/formal testing, a table of Test Steps can be added to Test Case descriptions. The table is rendered in a test execution widget during test runs. Testers can record results of each test step, marking steps Passed, Failed, or Blocked, in addition to marking the overall result for the Test Case. Execution time for each Test Case is now part of test records. (Polarion ALM, Polarion QA, Polarion REQUIREMENTS)
  • Translation feature for Work Items. Optionally enable multiple human language translations for Work Item titles and descriptions. Create custom fields to store translation texts to support any number of language translations. Configure different languages for different Work Item types. When Work Items are contained in LiveDoc documents, users can switch to view them in their preferred language, and print or export to PDF in the preferred language. (Polarion ALM, Polarion QA, Polarion REQUIREMENTS)
  • Remote connection to SQL database layer. Connect from a remote client when Polarion is running. New documentation for the database layer is now part of the SDK and includes schema diagrams, remote connection how-to, SQL query examples and more. (All products except Polarion REVIEWER)
  • Support for Google Chrome and Firefox 12.

For more about what’s new in the release see the ver_history.html file bundled with the update distributions.

This is a free update for customers with a current maintenance subscription. You can download the update distribution at

5 years ago

Polarion 2012 Release Announcement

Polarion 2012 graphicIn case you have not yet heard via the grapevine, we have in fact released version 2012 of our Application Lifecycle Management solutions. After several days of installation and checking in some customers’ environments I’m pleased to make the official release announcement here on the Polarion Blog.

First of all, here’s where you can get your hands on the new version (followed by info on what’s new in version 2012):

Test Drive Servers:


The above pages provide distributions for both new installations and updating a current installation. Polarion customers with current maintenance subscription can update free of charge.


Polarion 2012 represents a major release for Polarion, with significant new features, improvements and enhancements,  including:

  • New product: Polarion QA: Web-based collaborative Test Management with support for manual and automated testing, and easy results tracking for most third-party test automation tools. (More info)
  • Quality Assurance and Test Management: New technology to support test specification, planning, execution and reporting. Test specification and execution are now separated in the data model, and automated testing is supported for the native build system and all third-party test automation tools that can export results to xUnit format. Exclusive round-trip for Microsoft Excel® supports offline testing by external testers.
  • Polarion Live-Branch™ Variant Management: Exclusive new technology for managing document variants enables common specification artifacts to be maintained in one master document and referenced in “branched” documents, which can also contain variant-specific specification artifacts. Variants can be branched from the current state, or any historical state of the master to easily satisfy audit demand for time-specific information. Users control when and how master changes are propagated to referencing documents, and the granularity of propagated changes.
  • Polarion Time-Machine™ Navigable Baselines
    Another innovative new technology, the Time-Machine feature enables users to literally go back in time to browse and search the historical state of a project, captured in a baseline, just as they can the current project state. Reports generated from inside the time-machine contain only data that was current at the time… another huge headache reliever for audits.
  • Embedded SQL Database Layer: This behind-the-scenes “geek” feature makes many types of queries much faster and more efficient, especially those for artifact searching for dynamic reports on wiki pages and for traceability reports. Primary artifact storage and history remains in Subversion, and users’ existing Lucene queries still work. But users creating complex join type queries now have the option to tap the SQL layer for improved power and speed.
  • Fresh, Easy-to-use User Interface: Inspired by social media portals, designed for collaboration and efficiency, focused on users, and supported by several rounds of usability tests. (Quick Video Tour)

For more information, including a list of improvements and enhancements check the Version History (also included in distribution archives).

P.S. Small but important errata:

Installation guides and version history file in distributions incorrectly states required Java version as Java 7. The correct version is Java 6. The corrected documents are available in the Documents section of product download pages.


On behalf of the entire Polarion team I would like to send special thanks to the customers, partners, and others who helped us with the release through our Early Access Program. Your input and suggestions really helped us make this very ambitious, feature-laden release possible.

6 years ago

Polarion 2011 SR3 released

As we end another year and look forward to the release of Polarion 2012, we’re not forgetting about version 2011. Our final service release contains a few new goodies:

  • A new Document sidebar pane that renders table of contents and document structure so you can easily navigate across your data any time.
  • New Cut and Copy items in Document Work Item menu to help you with copying of Work Items from Documents.
  • Bulk edit now lets you process even thousands of items in chunks without need to reformulate the original query.
  • Bulk copy (Duplicate) lets you copy and convert multiple items from one type to another all at once.
  • You can now move your project to another location and the history is not gone.

Actually there´s even more in SR3 – this is just a sweet selection. For the complete list of what´s new, see the Version History at

From all of us at Polarion, we wish you happy holidays and a great new year.

6 years ago

Sneak Preview: Test Management in Polarion 2012

The Polarion 2012 Early Access Program (EAP) has been underway for a while now and response from Polarion customers has been excellent. If you would like to participate and haven’t yet, please sign up.

One of the benefits of the EAP is advance “sneak peek” information about key new features and functionality. Here’s a video that will give you a look inside the current state of development, and the new features for Test Management (approx. 9 min.)

6 years ago

Compliance and Agile: 4 Challenges – and Help

agile meets complianceBy Jiří Walek, Product Manager, Polarion Application Lifecycle Solutions

So… you’re facing a mandate for Compliance. Maybe CMMI, or even more scary, some heavy-duty government regulations. You know Agile is the way to go for your development, but will it fly when you have to satisfy tough standards? And not merely satisfy them, but prove it to Auditors on demand.

Let’s look briefly at 4 major challenges you’ll be facing, and at a free webinar coming up where you can glean some valuable pointers and information on meeting the compliance challenge while staying Agile. The challenges I find most important are:

  • Challenge #1: Tools and Processes People Can Work With
  • Challenge #2: Working software and comprehensive documentation
  • Challenge #3: Your Customer’s Comfort Zone
  • Challenge #4: Responding to Inevitable Change

Challenge #1: Tools and Processes People Can Work With

“Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.” — The Agile Manifesto1

You face the need for written information gleaned from well-managed data about your process from end to end. Challenge #1 is to provide teams a set of tools and processes that people feel comfortable and efficient using. That can be tough. Business analysts don’t want to be forced to deal with information in a “tracker way”. Developers can’t work efficiently from long text documents. How can you have all the project information well managed in the system, with meta information about the status, progress and all the related artifacts instantly visible in one place, in a form that different people are able and willing to work with?

Challenge #2: Working software and comprehensive documentation

“Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” — The Agile Manifesto1

You simply must be able to produce the documentation required to prove compliance. But you can’t afford to get so bogged down in doing that, that you can’t deliver working software.

The challenge is to setup an environment so you can trace the regulatory requirements down to user stories and test-cases, so the traceability gives you enough confidence of what requirements were  delivered and tested in particular release.

Challenge #3: Your Customer’s Comfort Zone

“The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.” — The Agile Manifesto1

Let’s face it… Agile scares some customers because it looks to them like they lose control over what will be delivered, that the requested solution can be changed freely without any responsibility. Traditional methodologies seem to control the contract better. What if “the Customer” is actually a company with thousands of employees spread over several countries around the world? Can you possibly hope to impose consistency in such a distributed world?

The challenge is to ensure that for any request in the backlog, you can trace right to who, when and why it was modified, so you can prove any time where time and money were spent, and who requested it. And to assure your customer that you can pull that off consistently over time.

Challenge #4: Responding to Inevitable Change

“Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage.” — The Agile Manifesto1

Agile is all about change, and the management thereof in such a way as to not derail the whole train. But Agile can be abused… often unthinkingly… but still abused. You certainly know the customer or the executive who is constantly after you for small changes and improvements, seemingly without end. Because you’ve convinced them you’re Agile!

The challenge is to set up a change management process whereby your customer is able to immediately understand the impact of a change in terms of risk, cost and/or time, providing a framework for effectively re-prioritizing a product backlog.

Conclusion and a Webinar that will Respond to these Challenges

Do these challenges sound common to you? Please let me know if you have had the same or similar experience, or if you have other challenges with Compliance that you’d like to discuss.

You should also consider attending our upcoming Webinar with featured presenter Senior Analyst and Agile ALM Expert Tom Grant from Forrester Research, Inc. There you will gain valuable insights and practical tips on meeting the challenges posed for Agile teams by compliance mandates.
forrester logo

  • June 28, 2011
  • 11:00 AM New York, 8:00 AM San Francisco 5:00 PM Berlin, Paris
  • Duration: 1 hour

[1Link to: The Agile Manifesto]

6 years ago

Polarion 2011-SR1 update is released

The Polarion R&D team has released an update for all Polarion products: Polarion 2011 Service Release 1 (SR1). The distributions are available for download now.

Downloads for Current Polarion Customers

These downloads will update an existing Polarion installation on either Windows or Linux.

New Polarion Installations

To obtain a distribution for a new/clean installation, start here:

What’s in SR1?

The release provides some new features and significant enhancements as well as bug fixes.

Read about what’s new…

For a listing of all the tracker issues addressed in this release, see the resolved_workitems.html file in the root folder of your distribution download.

On behalf of the entire Polarion global team, thanks for using Polarion.

7 years ago

Polarion POP Challenge Autumn 2010 – and the winner is…

WinnerThe Polarion POP Challenge Autumn 2010 is over. Before we announce a winner, we wanted to thank everyone for their contest entries.

This year thanks to additions from our customers, employees and partners, the Polarion POP portal has grown to over 100 extensions!

But how popular were these extensions with the user community? We are excited to announce that  this year, Polarion POP extensions were downloaded 10 000 times! WOW!

Thank you so much. We appreciate your effort and time!

“And the winner is…..”

The panel of judges reviewed each extension and  the winners of the Autumn 2010 Polarion POP Challenge are

1st Place –  Apple iPad for the winner and $10,000 credit for Polarion licenses for the winner’s company.

Custom E-Mail Notifications for every Polarion User by Sandro Frenzel (TechniSat Digital GmbH)

This Servlet allows every Polarion user to change the Notification Settings for work items on their own. For example some users only want only to get informed if a work item was just created or was changed to status “feedback”.

We need to say that his other extensions: Word Import UI and Use jQuery within Wiki Pages are also very good.

2nd place – Apple iPod Touch for the winner and $5,000 credit for Polarion licenses for the winner’s company

iAurora by Sebastian Bejga (T-Systems)

This is a bundle to offer a native iOS App (as part of this plugin) to connect your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 4) with your Polarion Server.

Let me congratulate the winners! You will be contacted in the next couple of days.

Best regards and looking forward to see you on POP soon.
Jiri Walek

7 years ago

Internal POP Challenge Winner Announced

by Jirí Walek, Product Manager

I’m pleased to announce the winner of the 2010 Polarion-internal POP Challenge, an event where we invite Polarion employees and partners to compete for a $1000 prize for the best Polarion extension. As usual, all the entries were great and picking a winner was a tough job. But we could pick only one winner, which we finally did.

And the winner is…


7 years ago

Polarion 2010 – the most advanced Polarion ever!

It’s a brand new year, and Polarion Software is excited to announce the release of a brand new Polarion: Polarion 2010. This release delivers many new features that customers have asked for. We’ll tell you more about these below, and also where you can have a look at the new release online, and where you can download it. Let’s begin with new features.

Improved Navigation

The first thing you’ll notice is the simplified navigation. A single Navigation pane provides all resources and shortcuts for a project or repository. New Open button and dialog, with Windows 7 style Favorites, make it quicker and easier to open the project, project group or repository you want to work with.

Redisigned open resources dialog

Redisigned open project dialog

Even More Robust Modules

  • Outline numbering: You can now optionally add automatic outline numbering to work items (e.g. Requirements). These appear both in the portal and in PDF exports.
  • Multiple Module reuse: reuse multiple modules at once , establishing cross-module links in the new modules. For example, you can manage a requirements specification module and system test module (with test cases) in one place, and reuse both of them at once when implementing some variant of the base specification. In the new modules the test cases will be linked to requirements.
  • Move items within Modules: New buttons in the Designer view let you move an item before or after, or as the first or last child another item in the module structure .
  • Bulk Move to Module: Now you can move work items from any module (or from normal storage) to another module. If you ever import work items from a Word document, you’ll appreciate this capability.
  • Export Home page revisions to PDF: Module revisions are in effect baselines. By rendering module work items on e.g the Module’s Home page, you can export any revision of the page to PDF. (Revision export works for other wiki pages too.)

(NOTE: Modules are a feature of Polarion ALM and Polarion Requirements.)


8 years ago

Polarion Launches New Extensions Portal

We are proud to announce a brand new Polarion Portal – Polarion POP – the place to go for all kinds of extensions to our products. On Polarion POP you can find:

  • Integrations with other solutions – Eclipse, Sparx Enterprise Architect, DOORS, just to name a few
  • Project and document templates – these can save you time and effort setting up new projects
  • Workflow configurations – useful automations to workflows that make life easier and save customization efforts
  • Portal and wiki enhancements – custom charts and metrics, wiki utilities like task board, quick tour, Word import and various other practical examples.

…and many more, with new extensions being added all the time.