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Comments are enabled on this weblog. Here are the major points of the comment policy.

  • An administrator must approve comments before they appear. Name and email address must be provided in order to post comments. This may change if the blog get overwhelmed with comment spam as has happened in the past. We reserve the sole right to approve or disapprove any comment posted to this blog.
  • No links. Sorry, but widespread abuse has forced us to block them. Our goal for comments is discussion.
  • You retain ownership of your comments. You grant Polarion Software the limited right to publish them in whole or in part on Polarion-owned domains. Comments will not be used out of context, and will never be used as an endorsement without your express permission. (The intention is to allow us to move content around as needed, not to use your comments related to something that you did not intend.)
  • We reserve the right to contact you via email regarding any comment you post.

We welcome article contributions to the blog from Polarion users and others. If you would be interested, please contact us.