How to Complete Projects On Time and On Budget

by 3 years ago
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In today’s hyper competitive environment companies are always looking at ways to reduce cost while maintaining quality. Two key variables can greatly influence these goals: process and software. Great software testing tools and processes are now converging in a way that not only helps organizations start testing earlier, but also reduces the amount of defects that are injected into the software. This means that you can not only test earlier, you can also actually test less. The bottom line for the business is that the organization can go to market significantly faster — with more innovative, better-quality deliverables.

Join us online Thursday January 16th and learn how to improve your QA and Testing processes, reduce costs and complete your projects faster.

Test Management and Quality Assurance – Complete Projects On Time and On Budget

  • DATE: Thursday, 16 January 2014
  • TIME: 8:30 am San Francisco, 11:30 am New York, 17:30 Berlin
  • SPEAKER: Stefan Schuck, System Engineer with the Polarion Professional Services Team

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