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7 months ago

Internet of Things: Creating Challenges for Medical Device Manufacturers

We recently posted “Internet of Things: Expanding Into Medical Device Enterprise,” and welcome you to part two of the ongoing discussion about medical devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Because field update of software is possible for hardware that is no longer manufactured it is now probable that more than one DMR will be approved for use with the variety of different product configurations (hardware and software variants).  In addition to this an update of the product in the field requires the DHR not be a static lot based document.  It is now time based.


1 year ago

Discussing Cybersecurity in the Connected Car Era

Millions of connected cars are hitting the roads each year, but cybersecurity remains a puzzling problem facing automakers, tech companies, and OEMs.

Auto buyers enjoy mobile connectivity, but trying to keep all of these emerging services secure is extremely difficult. To help discuss some of the challenges, and current solutions available, Polarion Software would like to invite you to the following webinar: “Cyber security for the connected car.”

The webinar takes place on:

Wednesday, May 18 @ 11:00 AM (8 AM PST). It’s a free 60-minute webinar, featuring Polarion Software’s Mike Borse, in addition to three other industry experts.

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2 years ago

Medical Device Design Control Complexities in Evolving Market

The wearable market is expanding quickly, and it’s no longer just consumers jumping into the surging market.  Growing curiosity in the healthcare and medical sector has generated new interest in creating software and solutions that collect a large amount of data.

Medical Wearables: Only The Beginning

As more companies begin to test wearable technology able to capture personal medical information, there are legal and ethical questions in relation to regulations on compliance.  (more…)