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5 months ago

Current Tech Trends: Attack of the Drones!

I recently purchased a set of Star Wars drones and it got me thinking about all the practical and impractical uses for IoT devices. Drone technology is constantly evolving as new innovation and big investment is bringing more advanced drones to the market every few months.

The complexity of these perceived simplistic products is amazing. You have physical components that start with lightweight composite materials to radar/positioning, sensors and circuit boards and finally software or the brain that controls all aspects of the drone.

What could go wrong? Well… everything could. For industrial use and military grade applications, the results can be disastrous. Quality becomes the critical component of the production lifecycle. The obvious first step is to make sure all components work according to requirement specifications. Do all the components behave correctly?


8 months ago

Software QA Needs Changing in Connected World

We expect connected devices to simply work. As more “things” adopt connectivity – thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) – there is an evolving need for quality assurance (QA) and software test management, as development and QA departments face new challenges.

QA processes must be implemented throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Polarion QA accelerates the ability to design, coordinate and track test activities using a single, collaborative QA environment. For organizations that face regulatory scrutiny, you’ll have the ability to pass any audit or compliance test with full project traceability.

To register for the “Software QA & Testing in a Connected World” webinar, please click here.

During the webinar, you’ll hear about the following topics:

  • Manage quality of code from cradle to grave
  • Leverage your existing Test Resources and artifacts
  • Jump start your projects with ready to use templates
  • Easily manage all defects, issues and enhancements from one platform
  • Seamlessly unify with legacy test automation tools and processes
  • Linking code to test cases and requirements

Polarion QA makes it possible for QA managers, test managers, and testers are able to efficiently design, coordinate, and track all test management activities in a single solution. Design your testing process specifically for your needs, with test cases controlled throughout the lifecycle.

Here are some of the benefits of using Polarion QA:

  • Ensure all relevant software requirements are covered by test cases and all test cases are consistent with their requirements
  • Customizable test specifications from ready-made templates
  • Use your existing test cases


10 months ago

Polarion QA: Enhancing your Quality Assurance and Testing Procedures

Quality assurance (QA) is an important piece to the puzzle in your software development lifecycle. However, not relying on a complete QA solution might slow down your organization. You can make your process more agile by utilizing a collaborative QA and testing environment such as Polarion QA.

Polarion QA allows stakeholders access to data anytime/anywhere, while viewing shared documents and test cases. Interdepartmental communication is simplified, with full traceability visible from requirements to test verification.


10 months ago

Quality Assurance (QA) is a Necessity for your Company

Software testing is an extremely important part of the development process, with quality assurance (QA) and test management growing in importance.

If your organization has struggled to find a unified test management solution, Polarion QA is able to provide quality assurance and testing in a single platform. In addition, your team can work together to design, coordinate, and track project test management activities collaboratively.

Polarion QA is a solution designed to provide a highly effective, transparent protection of quality integrity for your projects – in a familiar environment that you won’t have to relearn. A jump to the unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is always seamless. (more…)

3 years ago

GUI Test Automation with Ranorex and Polarion

The Ranorex toolset enables software testers to automate UI testing by recording UI interactions without the need to write any code. You already know that Polarion QA can automatically import test results from automated software testing tools, creating Test Runs with traceability back to Test Cases and Requirements. Our recent partnership with Polarion Software means that you can now easily automate your user interface testing using Ranorex Studio, tracking the results in Polarion just as you do with other third-party test automation tools. Let’s look closer at how this works. (more…)

3 years ago

Record automobile industry recalls reported for 2014. How to improve this track record?

Spiegel Online Auto recently published an interesting article (in German) about the increase of recalls in the automotive industry. According to the article, in 2014 OEMs have already recalled about 17 million cars. Last year, in the US alone, the recalls were more than 20.5 million cars. This equals a quota of 131%. Yes, this’s correct, and it means that 31% more cars get called back than sold in the US – amazing!  (more…)

3 years ago

How to Complete Projects On Time and On Budget

In today’s hyper competitive environment companies are always looking at ways to reduce cost while maintaining quality. Two key variables can greatly influence these goals: process and software. Great software testing tools and processes are now converging in a way that not only helps organizations start testing earlier, but also reduces the amount of defects that are injected into the software. This means that you can not only test earlier, you can also actually test less. The bottom line for the business is that the organization can go to market significantly faster — with more innovative, better-quality deliverables.

Join us online Thursday January 16th and learn how to improve your QA and Testing processes, reduce costs and complete your projects faster. (more…)