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5 months ago

Current Tech Trends: Attack of the Drones!

I recently purchased a set of Star Wars drones and it got me thinking about all the practical and impractical uses for IoT devices. Drone technology is constantly evolving as new innovation and big investment is bringing more advanced drones to the market every few months.

The complexity of these perceived simplistic products is amazing. You have physical components that start with lightweight composite materials to radar/positioning, sensors and circuit boards and finally software or the brain that controls all aspects of the drone.

What could go wrong? Well… everything could. For industrial use and military grade applications, the results can be disastrous. Quality becomes the critical component of the production lifecycle. The obvious first step is to make sure all components work according to requirement specifications. Do all the components behave correctly?


10 months ago

Polarion QA: Enhancing your Quality Assurance and Testing Procedures

Quality assurance (QA) is an important piece to the puzzle in your software development lifecycle. However, not relying on a complete QA solution might slow down your organization. You can make your process more agile by utilizing a collaborative QA and testing environment such as Polarion QA.

Polarion QA allows stakeholders access to data anytime/anywhere, while viewing shared documents and test cases. Interdepartmental communication is simplified, with full traceability visible from requirements to test verification.


10 months ago

Quality Assurance (QA) is a Necessity for your Company

Software testing is an extremely important part of the development process, with quality assurance (QA) and test management growing in importance.

If your organization has struggled to find a unified test management solution, Polarion QA is able to provide quality assurance and testing in a single platform. In addition, your team can work together to design, coordinate, and track project test management activities collaboratively.

Polarion QA is a solution designed to provide a highly effective, transparent protection of quality integrity for your projects – in a familiar environment that you won’t have to relearn. A jump to the unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is always seamless. (more…)

2 years ago

Polarion QA is “The Clear Winner” for NetSuite: Success Story

Selecting the right software for your organization is a difficult task with a number of considerations that must be addressed.  Cloud-based business management firm NetSuite selected Polarion QA as “the clear winner” after evaluating around 30 different testing management systems.

NetSuite required an easy-to-use and customizable solution supporting a central repository for test cases, workflow to help structure testing, and support for visibility across projects.  There are over 170 NetSuite employees currently using Polarion QA, with teams spread across the world.  An extended roll-out to additional offices is expected by NetSuite.

To read the full success story, please click the following banner:


2 years ago

For Your Radar: Manage the Impact of Change during Testing (Webinar- August 20)

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series For Your Radar

WHO: Regg Struyk, Product Manager at Polarion

WHAT:  SQE (Software Quality Engineering) webinar “Manage the Impact of Change during Testing”  (free)

WHEN: Thursday, August 20, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. EST

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2 years ago

For Your Radar: Using ‘Master Specifications’ for Requirements Variability (Webinar – June 17)

This entry is part 4 of 11 in the series For Your Radar

WHO: Polarion Software and Vector Software

WHAT: Free Webinar: Using ‘Master Specifications’ for Requirements Variability

WHEN: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 – 1:00 pm US EDT (GMT -4:00), 10:00 am US PDT (GMT -7:00)

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4 years ago

Featured Webinar: Practical Regulatory Compliant Software Testing

Lab testA unique peer webinar session with 3 well-known testing and regulatory gurus, dedicated to improving the practice of testing regulated systems:

  • Griffin Jones
  • Karen N. Johnson
  • John McConda


This free on-demand webinar provides practical tips and useful info for Test Managers, Regulatory Managers, Compliance Managers, Auditors, and anyone interested in improving testing practices in a regulated environment.


4 years ago

Updating to Polarion 2013 Test Steps

If you’re updating Polarion ALM or Polarion QA from version prior to 2012 SR3  to Polarion 2013 SR1, there is a quick migration you need your administrator to perform so that Polarion 2013 Test Steps enhancements will be enabled. While it’s mentioned in the Help, we’ve heard that people are missing it, so let me call attention to it here.

There’s a special PDF guide available that covers Test Steps Migration:


Q: Who should perform Test Steps migration?
A: Customers  currently using Polarion ALM or Polarion QA version 2012 SR2, and who are updating to version 2013.
Customers currently using Polarion ALM or Polarion QA version 2013, and who are updating to version 2013-SR1.

Q: We have not used the Test Steps feature with our current version. Do we need to perform the Test Steps migration?
A: No. You need to migrate only if you used the Test Steps introduced in Polarion 2012-SR1, where Test Steps are stored in a dedicated field rather than in the Work Item Description field. The migration is needed only if you want to take advantage of  easier use made possible by the new Test Steps. You could opt to keep using the old Test Steps stored in Description. You can perform the migration any time. You can also migrate just selected projects.

Q: When should we perform Test Steps migration?
A: Migrate the Test Steps after completing the update to version 2013-SR1 and restarting the server.

Q: Do we need to do this for a new/clean Polarion installation?
A: No. It’s only needed if you are updating an existing version 2012 installation.

If you have more questions or need more information after downloading the guide, please contact Polarion Technical Support.

5 years ago

Polarion expands support of Test Automation with Polarion QA and xUnit Integration

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new page dedicated to Test Automation, which highlights how Polarion supports Test Automation and benefits such as full traceability, support for all of your regulatory testing requirements, and integration with your existing test environment. Read more about how Polarion QA improves the efficiency and productivity of the testing process on the new Test Automation page.

In addition, we have added a new POP extensions category for Test Automation with a list of currently supported xUnit test automation applications.  We are happy to extend integration support with an extensive list of the most common xUnit Testing Frameworks.

If your specific test automation app isn’t on our list, feel free to contact us so we can verify if Polarion QA can support your app.

7 years ago

Polarion Quality Camp: Managing your Simple QA project

Let’s face it: In software development, quality gains are among the hardest points to score and testing your product is as critical as developing it. Practice reveals that with the surging demand for continuous ongoing testing the costs of developing modern applications increase exponentially.

A sound approach and an effective framework at hand for managing your test process is all you need to get things right — that is, maximize your testing efficiency, promote reusability of test artifacts, enable collaboration across your testing organization, increase end-to-end visibility of the entire process, and ultimately reduce the application lifecycle costs.  But how can you make that work? This blog series will cover Polarion’s best practices in test and quality management. You will learn about the Polarion QA concept and capabilities, as well as how to better adjust th em to your own needs and goals.

In the first article we demonstrate steps for installing and working with Simple QA, one of numerous Polarion extensions available on the Polarion POP site. We also discuss the concept of comment-based testing introduced by Simple QA, as well as gauge its advantages and potential for improvement. Subsequent articles will take you into more advanced QA topics.