Team Collaboration with Model Based Design and Polarion ALM

by 3 years ago
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Thanks to guest blogger Saurabh Mahapatra,  Senior Product Manager for the Simulink® Platform at The MathWorks for  the following article written exclusively for Polarion Blog readers:

Team Collaboration with Model Based Design and Polarion ALM

By Saurabh Mahapatra

As many of you reading this blog may know, Simulink is the leading environment for modeling, simulating, and implementing dynamic and embedded systems. However, did you know that Simulink and Polarion ALM can share the same software projects? If your organization is using Subversion for managing Simulink projects, then your team can easily take advantage of Polarion ALM’s features to improve overall team collaboration with complete visibility into any artifact.

Using the Polarion Connector for Simulink , engineers can link models to Polarion’s Requirement type Work Items. This will enable your team members to view requirements associated with the appropriate Simulink Models as well as extend your product development life-cycle.  Secondly, this integration expands requirements traceability further since not only are requirements connected to models, they are also connected to test cases, tests and code.

For a more detailed explanation I invite you to view the a webinar recently hosted by Polarion – “Addressing Product Innovation with Software” – now available on demand.

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