Webinar: Are You Ready for Enterprise Agile?

by 1 year ago
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Adopting Enterprise Agile can be a tough decision, as there is even more competition in the enterprise business world. As your development team needs to deliver better software – at an even faster pace – it’s a topic that we’ve discussed with you in the past.

It’s no longer just individual departments embracing agile software development, with companies showing increased interest in Enterprise Agile. Is your organization ready? We recently hosted a webinar that discusses some of the benefits – and challenges – related to Enterprise Agile.

During the recorded webinar, you’ll hear an introduction about Enterprise Agile and Polarion, lessons learned about the transition, and recommendations for better rollout. Click the following banner to download:

Here are a few things to consider while looking at an Enterprise Agile tool set:

One that covers many disciplines
A tool that incrementally supports practices and processes
The ability to embed process knowledge and drive users through the process
A set that helps you measure the quality of the process
A tool that is open to easily embrace process improvements

Recommendations while your organization thinks about Enterprise Agile:

Challenge your decision to move to Enterprise Agile
If you think that your organization is not suited for team/project agile, then it won’t be suited for Enterprise Agile
Don’t think that Enterprise Agile is bureaucracy
Use an incremental approach
Last but not least: use the right tool

Does your organization need to comply with regulations such as ISO 26262, FDA 21 CFR Part 820 or IEC 62304? CMMI? SPICE? Using Polarion products, expect full traceability, baselining & versioning, live reporting, and increased collaboration among workers – and now it’s possible to achieve transparency across distributed environments.

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